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Drug addiction is one of the major problems affecting people in many parts of the world in varying degrees and Seroquel abuse is one form it may take. One important thing to note, however, is that many of the drugs that individuals get hooked on these days are relatively safe for use under medical supervision.

They are drugs that have in the past been sold in health care facilities and are perfectly safe for use as long as the prescriptions of qualified medical practitioners are followed. However, there are times when these drugs turn out to be quite addictive and this is something that surprises many people. One of these drugs is Seroquel.

Seroquel, also known as quetiapine does not fall under the heading of a controlled substance. This drug was developed as a treatment for conditions such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. However it has also been commonly used as a comedown medication for many stimulant abusers.

Seroquel Abuse

Seroquel is a typical antipsychotic drug which functions by modifying the dopamine levels. Many recovering addicts consider it to be ideal for use as a speed or cocaine comedown. This drug has also undergone several studies relating to its anti-craving effects when it is used for withdrawal from cocaine.

The questions remains as to why coke addicts or speed freaks would want to consume a drug that may lower the effects of their preferred stimulant. There are theories that they do this in a misguided attempt to compensate for possible damage to the serotonin receptors. There have also been claims that Seroquel actually has mildly sedating effects which many recreational users may be looking for. These claims are, however, inconclusive as others claim that the drug is very effective as an anti-craving medication for methamphetamine and cocaine addicts who abuse it as a way of making the detoxification period easier for them or even when availability of the other two drugs is lacking.

Given its relatively uncontrolled nature and availability on the street, it must be supposed that many psychiatrists and physicians are probably using it even for off-prescription reasons.

Increasing the appeal of the drug is the fact that it blends quite well with illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. This is because it increases the euphoric side effects of heroin while lowering the crash that comes with cocaine.

Given its less addictive nature, Seroquel abuse does not come about overnight. It results from prolonged use of the drug and its use for purposes that are not in line with the prescription of qualified medical practitioners. While this drug may be effective when one is detoxifying from stimulants, consumption for a long period of time will create dependence. This is especially due to the alterations made to the dopamine levels. When dependence on the drug (both psychological and physical) sets in, the user will find it a herculean task to stop taking the drug.

Further consumption builds up chemical tolerance as the level of the drug’s residue builds up in an individual’s body making him or her have to resort to higher doses in order to regain the initial effects. This marks the beginning of the addiction cycle.

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