Seroquel Abuse Symptoms

The importance of being aware of Seroquel abuse symptoms is one that cannot really be overemphasized. It is only when one is able to identify these signs, especially for people who are in regular contact with the drug, that the problem of abuse can be addressed and redressed in good time.

Just as is the case for other forms of prescription drug abuse, the earlier the Seroquel abuse signs are detected, the easier the treatment of that abuse is likely to be, both in the short and in the long run. It is unfortunate that very little attention is paid to the question of Seroquel abuse, even in the face of the ever increasing numbers of people who are suffering from the problem all over the world.

By now people who regularly use the drug are wondering what are the exact Seroquel abuse symptoms that they should be on the lookout for. In answering this question, it is very important to first consider the fact that Seroquel is a prescription drug and therefore some of the symptoms that are commonly witnessed in the event of a person abusing other prescription drugs are also likely to be observed in Seroquel abuse.

Seroquel Abuse Symptoms

Most of these common symptoms are usually manifested in slight but definite changes in the behavior of the addicts, especially concerning the manner in which they consume the drug. It is usual to ask how the changes will be observed in people for whom the drug has been prescribed as a form of treatment.

The primary function of Seroquel is to act as an atypical antipsychotic and as such it is often loosely prescribed for the treatment of such medical conditions as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Loosely because since the drug is an uncontrolled substance within the United States and is considered harmless, its distribution and prescription throughout the country is typically not closely monitored.

One of the Seroquel abuse symptoms that users of the drugs and their families should be watching out for is an increase in consumption of the drug. Whenever the person to whom the drug has been prescribed as part of treatment begins to consume more than the prescribed dosage of the drug, this should serve as a red flag indicating that abuse of the drug is taking hold.

By definition, the abuse of a drug covers all uses of the drug that do not conform to the prescribed instructions. This definition is particularly important for those people who believe that the abuse of Seroquel only takes place when the users of the drug consume it for recreational purposes.

In most cases, the users of the drug who have begun to abuse it often finish their prescribed dosage of the drug before the recommended time and are forced to turn to other methods of obtaining more prescriptions. This is one of the Seroquel abuse symptoms and it may often manifest itself in the form of “doctor shopping” by the abusers of the drug or forging of prescriptions, all in order to obtain more supplies.

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