Seroquel Abuse Treatment

The amount of information that is available concerning Seroquel abuse treatment is very limited and does not even begin to compare to the number of people who suffer from the vice. One would expect that given the high frequency with which the drug changes hands all over the world from the sellers to the buyers, a lot more information relating to Seroquel abuse treatment would by now be available to the consumers who are at risk of having this problem.

Trade in Seroquel is estimated to generate more than 5 billion US Dollars worldwide every year and this is a clear indication of the total numbers of people who are using the drug.

There are several factors that have either led to or significantly contributed to this general lack of knowledge concerning Seroquel abuse treatment. Some of these factors include:

Seroquel Abuse Treatment

  1. Many people, including a good number of medical health care workers do not believe that abuse of Seroquel is capable of causing any serious medical or health effects. They believe that it is just a harmless activity that will be given up in time. As such, they see no sense in searching for means by which Seroquel abuse treatment may be turned into a reality.
  2. Lack of sufficient information concerning prevalence of the vice. There is a general lack of information about the real extent to which the citizens of the United States are affected by the problem of Seroquel abuse. There have been no specific studies conducted by the authorities to ascertain the true extent of the problems of Seroquel abuse and many people are content to remain blissfully ignorant about the real prevalence of the vice and the danger that it poses.
  3. The medical authorities do not recognize Seroquel as a drug that is prone to abuse. To date, there are many medical health care practitioners who continue to make off-label prescriptions of the drug without giving a second thought to the manner in which the buyer of the drug may be planning to use it. Because they consider the drug as one that is very unlikely to be abused, they believe that all the people who are given prescriptions will use them as indicated.

It is worth mentioning here that there are a number of other additional factors that have also contributed to the shortage of information concerning treatment for Seroquel addiction.

However the three outlined above are the strongest points and that is why they have been given special mention. It is also worth noting that in recent years a lot of new information has come to light that gives a better and clearer insight into the real and true potential for abuse of this drug.

For instance, there have been cases reported of prison inmates who abuse this particular drug in order to enjoy its mildly sedative effects as well as to help them fall asleep. If this trend continues, then it is likely that changes in the approach to treatment for Seroquel addiction will be witnessed shortly.

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