What Is Seroquel?

Seroquel is a drug that was specifically manufactured to help in treating depression. When a person is depressed, feelings of sadness, unhappiness and misery crowd in. This is when the person will experience a mood swing. The mood swings can be either short or long. Depression has become a major illness in the modern world and if this disease is not treated properly it can lead to adverse consequences that may affect the mental and physical well-being of sufferers.

There are a number of treatments available that are meant for use in treating depression. One of them is Seroquel. This is a drug that is used on its own to treat major depressive disorders. It can also treat bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia in adults and children who are at the stage of adolescence. Seroquel is an antipsychotic medicine that has the ability to calm the patient’s feelings to a more bearable level. It is a drug that has components that make the brain change its perception of stress. This is what induces relaxation.

What Is Seroquel?

The modern world has seen many people abuse this drug. The fact that this drug has the ability to make the brain relax is one thing that induces many people to use it regularly, to the point of abusing it. Seroquel executes its function by balancing certain natural chemicals in the brain. This enables one to think clearly and positively. It is a way of making the nerves work less. It is a drug that is known to curb mood swings. The resultant feelings are ones that may push people to be tempted to abuse it. They may feel like using it all the time.

Before using Seroquel, it is recommended that you consult a doctor so that your medical history is known. It is good to avoid over the counter buying of Seroquel. It is good to note that abuse of Seroquel can lead to heart attack and pneumonia. If you have liver or kidney disease it is not good to use Seroquel. This is why you need to consult your doctor to know the conditions under which you cannot use this drug.

Seroquel abuse can harm your unborn baby. This is why it is important to consult your doctor if you think you may be pregnant. This drug is also known to infiltrate breast milk hence affecting the nursing child. If you are breast feeding, it is best to avoid using this drug. It can also make one feel dizzy. It is good to be careful when using this drug and to avoid driving or operating any heavy machine.

Seroquel is a drug that should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor. This drug can be taken with or without food. It is recommended to take it whole without breaking or crushing. An intake of more than the prescribed dose can lead to adverse effects on the body. It may result in unexpected allergies. People abuse this drug by crushing it then snorting it. Some may even mix it with illicit drugs and smoke it.

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